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Why this journey began


Everything started from a desire of freedom.
Many of us have a period in life when we're confused about our life meaning and how to cope with the dominate values from society. In that period, I had a strong desire  about distant lands. I believe there exists my answer.
And so I was spurred to launch my first business making handmade berets. It supported me to discover the world and go to many different lands. As one of my favourite poems, Ithaka writes:
"Hope your road is a long one. Full of adventure, full of discovery... May there be many summer mornings"
I might never find Ithaka, but along the way of travelling, I know what my dream island looks like. As my experience in hat design grew, me and my partner brought Frances Island to life. We have all put our heart and souls into these products, and the end result is something that surpasses my imagination...
Thank you for coming to our island.